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[Misc] Client Modifications - Has Noone Thought About This?


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Well, I've been playing Warframe for a while, and I was wondering: How about some mods? I realized looking for "Mods" on warframe would get me to such things as "Target Cracker" and "True steel", but it doesn't seem that client modifications have been brought up anywhere. And since cmods are community-made, this place seemed like the best place to bring it up.


Now I realize that Warframe is still in Beta and it might not be such a good idea to modify it, but come on guys, don't tell me absolutely none of you ever considered reskinning or revoicing some of the things in the game. I for one would love to see some ponies in the interface, or have Starcraft Terran Marines in the role of Grineer, and I can't get over L4D2 jokes for the Charger. While I admit that Warframe has some good, maybe even great audio tunes, I often felt better listening to songs such as Chocolate Helicopter, From Shadows and Time On My Side off YouTube when mowing down hundreds of enemies in the game.


So I'm not sure if Warframe is ever going to get such modifications, but how would the devs react to them? Are we even allowed to make CMods? Is Warframe as a Beta updated too often to bother since they would be incompatible after a week or two? Or do you all prefer Vanilla Warframe? What gender is Pyro? How come is there no WF R34 yet, I thought there'd be at least one by now but thank god there aren't? In a Duel of Saxton Hale vs Chuck Norris, who won? Who's next? You decide! eeeeeeEEEEPIC RAP BATTLEZ OV HIZTOREY!

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It's their loss really , updates are expensive to pump out and having mods keep your game alive is , well , it's free. And the game still gets income because some people will buy it to play with the said mods , assuming the game will ever have Workshop , whitch is highly doubtfull as the game needs to be Steamworks then. On a side note , steam trading in warframe would be great.

P.S. Warframe should really look more towards TF2 as an example of a well established , now F2P game that has lived way past it's age.

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I do remember in one of the older livestreams that user-created content support was one of the things they had on their list, just that it's low on the priority list, as it should be. They never mentioned that it will never happen, so who knows, right?

Some people asked for PvP

The rest said it wouldn't happen

It happened

Some people asked for trading

Others said it would kill the game

DE is working on a way to make it work

Though we can't expect anything anytime soon, who knows what they would give us in the distant future.

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