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Can we have frame/weapon exilus mods for seld damage pleeeaaasee?

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45 minutes ago, baldy117 said:

did you like your own post? and they removed self damage cuse so many people where trashing it just look at Triburos weapon ''reviews'' that feature weapons that had self damage

Irrelevant, and does not address the point of the post. 

Some of the old content creators also addressed that Chroma is actively hampered by the loss of self-damage, and that Mirage being unable to set herself on fire making Eclipse far less accessible in normal play on-top of its general issues of... Not actually knowing where light and dark is, as the shadows and logical general areas don't actually represent when the ability should have which buff. 

To the OP: No, this only puts a bandage on the problem, the frames simply need their powers to be reworked in a way that is consistent with how the gameplay has changed. While Chroma can't buff his damage by himself without the help of one weapon, he was mainly made to reactively gain damage as he took damage from enemies. He still functions the way he should, but the quality of life that he lost should be replaced with, say, a toggle on the same ability to drain some of his health and shields to gain a moderate amount of both buffs. 

Mirage's eclipse just needs a way to force one or the other, as opposed to being stuck to the mercy of completely random factors. maybe allowing Eclipse to create or siphon light from the area immediately around her but for a lesser value of the buff.


The gist of these two rework examples is to keep the theme and basic functionality in-tact and allow them their full power if you play the abilities the way they were "meant" to be used, but create an option where they still have purpose and use in less optimal conditions but are, as a trade-off, less effective than constricting yourself to their rules.


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