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Wait What?



How about changing 100k Credits incentive from Corpus onto a Reactor?




or something fair....







EDIT: Still haven't started playing because.... the Corpus incentive.. :(


EDIT V2: I get it now. It cycles randomly each round. After you completed and got the reward, there will be a new reward.

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What about the poor folks who have neither...


In any case, I'm fairly certain there are more people with 100k credits than there are people with spare Catalyst blueprints that they're willing to toss away for a chance at a catalyzed weapon.

Guess who's gonna win.

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Wait, hold on, hold on-- Is that what we have to pay, or is that what we're getting paid?

That's what you're getting paid.

BUT only on first round. So don't be discouraged from supporting the Corpus.

The reward will change for better (hopefully, depends on RNG).

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its quite not clear or is it just me...


 agree with mr. SortaRandom it says "BATTLE PAY QUALIFICATION", theres a word "QUALIFICATION"... are we going to pay a blueprint to be able to be qualified to side with the grineer? or to pay 100k to be able to side with the corpus?


ahhhh ok sorry my bad i get it already... just confuse in the word qualification

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