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SUBSUME: Putting rush in place of a cutscene skip...


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Maybe that's on me for assuming, for not paying attention, but sliding a rush in where most assume cutscenes can be skipped...yeah, bad taste here. Came out 50p lighter, not by choice, and I still had to sit thru the cutscene.

It's probably pointless to file a ticket and try get a refund now since, minus the 50p and a day ahead of schedule, I started a second subsume.

Bottom line, please separate option to rush from the cutscene.

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Inb4 someone tells you it's 100% your fault for not paying attention and doing an action based on the logic many other games implement and for not expecting these kind of shenanigan oversights that end up looking like costumer traps. Like the kuva larvling stab matter.

Haven't had the displeasure myself, thankfully. Still, I suggest you try support. They have been known to help in such cases. Better than not trying at all.

Best luck.

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