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Glass Gambit and the Index



I've  never completed the Glass Gambit quest because the few times I tried I lost in the Index without a clue why/how.

I went around killing everyone in sight and depositing the tokens things I picked up, never died, and still lost.

I don't have a clue what I'm  doing wrong, or what I'm  not doing?

Can  I play the index with a squad while not doing the quest? Will I be placed with random players like other missions?

I don't really care if I finish the quest, other than to get a nidus to feed to the helminth, but I'd like be able to do the index.

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If you take the quest off as your active quest, you can do the normal index solo or with squad (up to you) provided you have the node unlocked.

With the quest you just need to play it like a regular index run, asides from the last or second last run of it where it tells you to not score too many points. For that one, meet the quota for points then just camp your spawn, kill enemies and dont deposit any more points

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Yeah one of the missions you have to make sure you pay close attention and win within a specific score range, if you score too high you'll upset neffy and the sore loser will run off without you progressing in the quest. 

I'm guessing you are just winning too hard in that one Index mission, where you can't beat him by more than ten points. 

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