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Growing power and Shield of Shadows


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Does anyone know if Growing power adds to the power strength need for max DR from shield of shadows.

I run 190 power strength and then hope to use the added 25% power strength from growing power to push me over the 214 power strength for 90% damage reduction.

However, even with all 7 shields attached and the GP buff I cant get above 80%

Thanks in advance

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Didnt actually know str did that.

I run 40% str & shield of shadows & I solo vaults easy enough.

Use health conversion for 1250 extra armour & arcane gaurdian & arcane grace umbral fibre & umbral vitality,those along with SoS will/should keep you alive forever practically.

I sat in SP kuva surv tonight for just over 2 hours & didnt really notice any serious health depletion.

My build is

R5 Arcane Gaurdian R5 Arcane Grace Overextended/Stretch/Augur Reach/Umbral Vitality/Umbral Intensify/health conversion/SoS & Despoil. No exilus 3 forma.

Despoil means you can always pick up health orbs to keep the health conversion buffs up.

Cant remember the last time I went down even doing vaults I only ever go down from my own shot being deflected by the invulnerability sheild.

Take it easy dude.


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