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Heavy weapon skin holster glitch


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Bought a tennogen skin, the "MIZAR" heavy blade skin, but i bought it for scindo (Axe) it let me, and they use the same animations so ...y'know. Anyways, it's works fine in hand but the holstering is a serious problem (Fashionframer here....i know it's silly, but you market on the back of fashion frame!

Click on holstering options, none work, so click "none".


Click on options again and get a completely different selection of choices, which do work.....but badly, see next image.sLrnEIN.pngKfUwXUv.pngad the options dont allow this to be fixed, you can barely move this.


Theres lots of things i'd change (such as catalysts and reactors...you should ask people to pay for a necessity item....it's not battlefront!...you're better than that!) but also, just offer more skins and instead stop charging for "holster options" just let people stick their equipment where they want, you'd end up with less issues because it'd be their own fault!

Also, use the particle effect used in capture missions (you know, the ember effect when you DISSINTEGRATE!..."capture" an enemy) as the weapon summoning visual, the current one is awful. 

you could justify this by saying that...wait for it.. all weapons are WARFRAME FLESH! the reason you cant just pick up enemy stuff, is that the warframes integrate the weapon into themselves, so the "blueprint" is actually like a molecular imprint that the helminth assimilates into your being. You could also use this as the explanation for MODs as you could say that they're data profiles on ammo, sights,clips etc, tand that the warframe tissue can apply these characteristics without altering the shape of the device. (I mean what elese are these discs of power, where do they go, inside a vasto gun for example?)


ALSO..."INFESTED"?!...REALLY?! c'mon guys, you are one of the best creative teams around, you can do better. "Tenno, we must clear away this infestation"...which infestation?...Herpes...cockroaches...Nits? Why not call them somehting like "The Assimilant" or ""The Aggregorian Paraste"? simple, to the point, but better than "Infesttion"...


But honestly, love you guys, just keep doing amazing stuff.

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