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Option to "quick-cast" multi-use-abilities with the ability menu hotkey for "hold"-casts (controller options)


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Might it be possible to add an option (controllers) to quick cast a selected multi-action-ability like wisp's "Reservoirs" or Xaku's "The Lost".


At the current state, using the option (turned off) to short press an ability hotkey to cylce through instead of activating them would hinder the "ability menu"-quick-cast-feature to not work due to the fact that the "hold" action for that hotkey means to open the ability menu.


An option to allow players to quick-cast an previously selected (cycled) ability to simply activate it, instead of simply cylce through them, would be great.

(only needed if the switch "hold" cast ability is turned off)


PS4 example for Xaku's "The Lost" (Using the default controller layout):

R1+ Square (short) to cycle through "Accuse", "Gaze" and "Deny"

After selecting lets say "Accuse", a quick press of R1 would be so handy, due to the fact, that you have to aim for a target as a requirement to cast the ability in the first place.


I know, i could achieve the "quick cast" simply by turning on the option to switch "hold" behaviour on ability cast. But that feels super weird to me. It's a bit of a controversy but changing my complete controller setup just to play around specific "target required" multi-action-abilities feels somewhat wrong.


It's just a suggestion that would improve my gameplay a lot for specific frames.


Thx for reading & have a nice day =)

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