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When will the athodai return?



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14 hours ago, (PS4)reaperchef91 said:

so for the entire comunity ps4 stream i was asking 1 question and got ignored.

All i want to know is when will the athodai be in the game for the actual players (that dont have time to watch a 5 hour stream that starts at 3 am in my location) to farm or buy...

Its really not a hard question 

i'm an actual player, mind you

I have the athodai, and a very busy schedule

take your disparaging language elsewhere


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Probably not until next year, the Lotus Ephemera was last years Tennocon exclusive thing and that recently showed up at Baro’s a few weeks back (on console, I think PC had it a few rotations earlier) so I’d hazard a guess the Athodai will show up at Baro’s in a year


this is just a guess mind you... best to wait until DE gives something more tangible. 

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