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Armors are too messy...

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I trying to get my valkyr max amount of armor, but then few problems hit...

First issue is % armor, how we know how much it add armor after all? Same goes to valkyr skills too because game dont show that. It just say 50%-80% and that is it. 

Second thing armor aura( stand unired) doesnt add any armor to top left corner at all some reason same goes to coaction drift which buffs aura little bit. 

Third thing is damage reduction to health. How we know how much damage reduction we have currently in match, if we use buffs and arcanes too. Those things bring armors too but only short period time.. We cant see any armor numbers chanced anywhere. because there is nothing which telling to us how much we have armor or damage reduction current moment. 



It would be nice if DE added to game total armor and especially damage reduction to health. So it helping to us understand how much we have armor and damage reduction in the match. Currently we doesnt have those...




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To be honest I'd also like to see those hidden values represented in some way. Hopefully when the modding screen UI gets a rework it'll be a part of it.

As Feedback, I suggest:

  • A setting to see base stats;
  • A setting to see stats with direct changes (normal mods)
  • A setting to see stats with situational multipliers, like the extra crit chance from Argon Scope or Auras like Growing Power, or even Arcanes. Maybe even select which situational stats are active, since in a real mission scenario not all of them might be triggered at the same time.
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In the arsenal, if you hover over armor value it shows the percentage damage reduction. Though that does not include skills or auras. Unfortunately, you have to calculate it manually to know the what the armor would be with skills. I am hoping DE adds the ability to check stats when you paused the game in mission.

Few hints, armor percentage = armor value / (armor value + 300)

Warcry with no intensity mods adds 350 armor to Valkyr prime. Every 100% ability strength will have Warcry add 350 armor. 

If you are using arcane guardian, that is 900 armor. Ultimatum is 1200 armor. These typically have 100% uptime in mission. 

Effective HP is = HP value / (1 - armor percentage)

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6 minutes ago, (XB1)Erkwounder said:

Valkyr prime base armor is 700, but you have good point.

We can also use syndicate explosion (new loka) which bring 300 armor also...

I think you are referring to Warcry with Valkyr prime having 700 armor. Warcry itself adds 50% base armor. This is why without intensity it adds 350 (700 x 50%).

Since I main Valkyr, the values for warcry on top of my head (could be slightly off):

With umbra mods 83% of base Armor.

Umbra mods + blind rage 131% armor.

Umbra mods + blind rage + transit fortitude 160% armor.

Umbra mods + power drift 90% Armor

Multiply the percentage with 700 and that tells you how much armor you are getting from warcry. Attack speed too. In the arsenal screen, if you hover over warcry it would tell you exactly the percentage you are getting based on the mods equiped.

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While that's a bit of a big UI suggestion, I think we ought to have some kind of menu with tickboxes for conditional buffs. Like, tick this box if you want your aura shown in the Arsenal stats. Maybe select a theoretical team size, as well. Tick a box to display Scarab Armour or Roar. Tick a box to display the effect of Defy, and maybe type in an amount of damage absorbed. I realise it's not trivial, especially since the code which handles these buffs may not even be accessible in the Arsenal at all, but it's something I'd like to see.

At the very least, can we please show weapon ammo capacity in the Arsenal? Pretty please? We have capacity buff mods, but the stat itself isn't shown anywhere. I have to load into a mission or #*!% off to the Wiki to know how much ammo my Trumna can hold.

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