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Some ideas that should be added for *fun*


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magic hands
on multishot: +40% multishot while aiming
3 levels

dark sense of humor
on crit: +120% toxin damage while aiming 5 levels

open fire
on every second kill: +200% damage on the next bullet
5 levels

aimed combo
+36% critical chance and damage on headshot stacks with every headshot
resets on reload
5 levels

on slide: +90% chance on infinit punch trough while aiming for 3 seconds
- exilus -
5 levels

physical wonders
+55% physical types of status chance on every 10th bullet (max stacks 6)
resets after 1.5 seconds not firing
10 levels

multi burst
+300% magazine capacity
+300% ammo maximum edit: make is +120% ammo maximum
-35% reload speed
shoots 2 bullets extra rapidly
5 levels
tigris prime
rare - deimos: father

personal space
after reaching 8x combo multiplier:
+99% slam attack
+176% slam radius
+77% slam radial damage
10 levels

-15 kuva on reload:
+55% damage
+55% multishot
- exilus -
10 levels

heavy duty forma
for every forma on your
kitgun/arch-gun/primary weapon +2,2% damage (caps out on 100 forma)
kit gun/secondary weapon +2,4% (caps out on 100 forma)
zaw/(arch-) melee weapon +2,7% damage (caps out on 100 forma)
warframe +0.9% ability strengh (caps out on 250 forma)
3 levels
all (only 1 per loadout)
legendary - relay: baro ki'teer

primed forma
this forma is all the forma's combined (except the umbra forma) put in this spot whatever you would like. naramon, varazin or madurai. however it is not for stances, exlilus or aura.
relay: baro ki'teer

corrupted riven
always a negative, sometimes even 2. never more than 2 positives, positives as well as negatives are always 3x as strong
only obtaineble by surviving on steal path on MOT in the void for 4 hours (no garantee)
the rolls will be rested as well as the levels (this can only be done ones)
10 levels

tactical nuke
+200% radial attack
+100% radiation damage
-100% blast damage
10 levels
uncommon (only uptaineble by killing 3 or more enemies in 1 shot with the LENZ)

dual slug
the redeemer shoots 2 slugs that have pinpoint accurasy
+80% damage
+200% range
3 levels
rare - corrupted mod

void adapter
uses your operators void energy to enhance a weapon with +50% void damage
however there are side effects as this is a quills prototype
here are some examples: losing some health on transference out, taking a bit longer for transference in or less efficient with void attacks
0 levels
all weapons
legendary - obtained by ranking up to rank 5 with the quills

new zaw parts

a halberd like blade - heckwahm
a heavy sentient core with blades - resteeva
a circle with almost flat spikes attached to it - carpea

a gunlike grip that gives you the gunblade stance and the ability to attach a kitgun barrel to your zaw - longua
dubble grip now you also need 2 strikes that can be different and 2 links that can be different - zuwa
a two sided staff same idea as the zuwa - zuwabellu
two qatar grips same idea as the zuwa - zuwabasdula
a big shield with a second small grip kinda the same idea as the zuwa - akzuwa

a link with a chain attached to it for whip like weapons - zobmura
a link with life steal - zateal
a link with enhanced comba stats - rarubuma
a link with a extra mod slot (can bot be forma-ed) - kalabummho
a link with hunger for blood and gives extra damage or attack speed on a number of kills giving it nothing for to long will drain your health (only obtaineble by letting son in deimos enhance a ruhang or jai link) - deituma
10 kills (+3%) 50 kills (+18%) 100 kills (+40%) 500 kills (+220%) cools down after 5 second of peace and ramps down 15 kills per second (so if you have 140 kills than it ramps down to 0 in 9 seconds)



void gamble
every shot from your weapons have a 25% chance on -25% damage of the total damage, a 25% chance on 0% void damage, a 25% chance on 50% void damage and 25% chance on 100% void damage


defying anchor
when dropping the temporal anchor all your allies recieve a damage reducement by 80% for 5 seconds and makes yourself more vurneble for damage by 20% when rewinding all the enemy's in range of the path youve left behind will be recieve a -80% damage vurneblility and all your allies a 20% damage buff. -25% ability duration


kinetic field
kinetic plating will also apply to team mates within your range. when using mach rush close by your allies will result in a buff for hes second ability


body scatter
his 3th ability will be a body shrapnell cannon -85% range +700% ability multishot -50% ability stregth for the 3th ability


sentient storm
actevating his 4th ability will make thunder strikes that will attack enemys around him this will stay on aslong as you keep it on, his lasers arent a part of the kit anymore. -50% efficiency one his 4th ability

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9 hours ago, AreeSoothsayer said:

No Bullets Ma!

300/400/500/600/700% increased ground slam with no guns equipped.

Triggers on 2s aimglide, lasts 3s.

thats not a bad idea, is it okay to you if i take this idea into another idea?

just asking cuzz maybe some wont agree


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