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Can We Make Rewards To Be Like This For Tier 3 Rewards?


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  • IF the Corpus win:

    • And you supported them: The ferocious DETRON hand-cannon. The Detron will be super-charged along with a new weapon slot!
    • You did not support them: A BRAKK blueprint stolen from a Grineer datacenter.

So people can get top tier reward they want even in form of BP. Grinding 100 missions and then praying for more balanced mission rewards gona be frustrating.


Atleast people wont end with weapon they didint like.

You can do the same with Tier 2 rewards. Corpus lovers want corpus weapons, Grineer lovers want grineer.

Give them Potatoed+Slot for win or just BP in case of loss.


Will end in much less hate IMO.



FFS people.

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Was the OP tl:dr for you?


He's talking about the EVENT rewards, not the battle rewards. 


I agree, I want to support the Corpus, but I have the feeling that the Grineer will win anyways...I really dont want a pistol that looks like a poopie.


If the Corpus lose, but you supported them, I want my corpus handcannon :<.

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maybe try reading first.../facepalm


I agree with OP - I think Detron looks cooler, but if things keep going like the way they are I'm not going to get one =(

(tbh I'm probably not going to get to 100 - migraines will come first...)

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