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[Warframe Concept] Magister - The Vengeful Soul (Truly Unique Playstyle)


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(Note: The above images serve no purpose other than to show my source of inspiration)

Part 3 of my concept series inspired by Dissidia.

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/121039-warframe-concept-jecht-the-brutal-berserker-truly-unique-playstyle'>Jecht - The Brutal Berserker. (Inspired by Jecht from FFX)

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/124150-warframe-concept-janus-the-combat-specialist-truly-unique-playstyle/'>Janus - The Combat Specialist. (inspired by Cecil from FF IV)


I'm pretty bored at the moment. Taking the day off study. So, expect a few more of these :/


This one is based of Judge Gabranth's fighting style.

Inspiration isn't from FF XII at all, really. Mainly because I didn't enjoy the game, and haven't played it in years.

But, his style in Dissidia was interesting.


How did he work in Dissidia?

Well, in order to fully understand, you need to know what Ex Mode is.

In Dissidia, you build up a meter, this is your Ex Force. Once that meter is filled, you can enter Ex Mode. This gives you various buffs.


Now, every character could use damaging attacks while not in Ex Mode. It just made them more powerful.

Gabranth, however, had no HP damaging attacks unless he was in Ex Mode.

That's my direction for this Warframe.


A little backstory (Don't have to read this section. It's just for fun)

Magister is one of the original Tenno. His cryopod was malfunctioning when the Lotus tried to awaken him, leaving him to slumber for far longer than he should have.

While he was involuntarily sleeping, his friends and comrades were dying by the hands of the Grineer and Corpus.

All the while, he was completely powerless.


When the infestation took over his vessel (the orokin derelicts), he witnessed the calamity brought forth by the Grineer in one big wave. This hit Magister hard.


He realised that he should have been helping his friends in combat, but he was unable to do anything but sleep.

This lit a fire within him. Now, he knows nothing other than vengeance. He seeks nothing but retribution for the fallen Tenno.


Stats and Information

Name - Magister

Gender - Male

Description - Magister is an extremely unique Warframe. Rather than being able to use his powers freely, he must gather energy before being able to activate them.

While, he cannot use them freely. Once he builds up his energy, his abilities are extremely powerful.


First set of stats. (I'll get to this in the next section)


Health - 100. 275 at rank 30

Armour - 50.

Shields - 100. 275 at rank 30

Energy - 100. 150 at rank 30

Sprint speed - 1.0


Second set of stats. (I'll get to this in the next section)


Health - 150. 450 at rank 30

Armour - 75.

Shields - 150. 450 at rank 30

Energy - 150. 225 at rank 30

Sprint speed - 1.2



Basic Concept


The idea is that all of the Warframe's powers are inactive.

You can't use them until you fill up his power meter. (Rage meter, energy meter, power meter, whatever)


What does this mean?

You build up this meter by doing various actions in the game. Killing enemies, taking damage, dealing damage, picking up items/orbs etc.


But, because Magister cannot use powers whenever he pleases, his powers are very powerful to compensate.

If I was any good at Photoshop, I'd sort out some kind of UI to show what I mean. But, you're just going to have to deal with text. :(


So, once you've filled the power meter completely, you are able to press 4 to activate it.

While in this "mode", you will see the power meter slowly depleting.


Once it is active, your powers become available, and 4 becomes your ultimate skill.



Remember, these are all inactive until you fill up and activate your power meter.


Power 1

Centrifugal Blast

Energy cost - 25


Quick 360 degree AoE sphere.

Deals moderate damage and ragdolls any affected enemies.

Doesn't have any fancy effects or anything. It's a fast, transparent sphere originating from your body.

Watch the video to get an idea of what I mean.


Centrifugal Blast deals 250/500/750/1000 damage.

Range is not affected by Stretch


Additional Effect: For every enemy you hit. Restore 1% of your maximum health.


Centrifugal Blast is at 1:40 of this video.

Direct link - 


Power 2


Energy cost - 50


Conjure an energy blade in your hand. Leap into the air and send it flying towards the ground with amazing force.

When this blade makes contact with the ground, it releases a shockwave.

If an enemy is unluck enough to be in direct contact with the blade, they will take massive damage. (Note: This is not targetable. It hits a set distance from you. So, you have to judge the distance correctly if you want to hit a particular enemy with the direct hit)


The shockwave will deal higher damage the closer the enemy is to it. Will also ground enemies caught in the blast for a short duration.


Direct impact deals 500/1000/1500/2000 damage. Very small AoE. Like...2 Grineer soldiers in diameter.

Shockwave deals 300/600/900/1200 damage. This will decrease depending on enemy location. To a minimum of 200/400/600/800 damage.


Additional effect: Enemies are knocked to the ground for 3 seconds.

For every affected enemy, restore 1% of your maximum energy.


Power 3

Heaven's Judgement

Power cost - 75


Summon several orbs around you. After x seconds, send these flying outwards in all directions.

These will fly towards your targeted enemy, but each one will break off and seek out a new target.


Upon impact, these have a medium sized AoE, and deal heavy damage.


Each orb deals 400/800/1200/1500 damage. AoE deals 150/300/450/600 damage.

Additional effect: For every enemy you hit, restore 1% of your power meter. 


If all the targeted enemies are in a cluster, this skill will deal devastating damage.


Heaven's Judgement is at 0:33 of this video.

Direct link - 


Power 4

Energy of Protection

Power cost - 100

(Note: Using this skill will END this mode. Meaning you can only use an ult once, until you recharge the meter)


Magister gathers all of his power to form a spherical zone of energy.

Enemies in the sphere will all be forced out and ragdolled, while taking damage.

Friendlies inside the sphere will be granted the ultimate buff.


Has a cast time of 3 seconds.


Any bullets that are fired at you are absorbed by the sphere. When the skill ends, this damage will be reflected onto nearby enemies (kind of like absorb).


Basically a super version of Snowglobe and Absorb, with a buff thrown in.

Enemies cannot walk through the sphere.


The sphere lasts for 5/10/15/20 seconds.

Remember, this is basically the ultimate ultimate, and cannot be spammed at all.


There are 3 parts to the skill.


1. Damage

Enemies who are inside the sphere when it activates are dealt 500/750/1000/1250 damage, and are ragdolled.


2. Absorb

The sphere will absorb enemy bullets/projectiles as long as it is active.

When the sphere dissipates, it will deal an equivalent amount of damage on nearby enemies.


Damage reflected is 20/40/60/80 percent of absorbed damage.


3. The buff

The ultimate buff. This is only granted to allies who are standing in the sphere.

This buff will last for x seconds after the sphere is gone. (otherwise the hp/shield/armour increases are completely useless, seeing as enemies can't shoot you, or get inside the sphere)

Increases all of your stats by X%.

Maximum health increase

Shields increase

Maximum energy increase

Armour increase

Speed increase

Damage increase

Fire rate increase

Accuracy increase


Skill is at 0:24 of this video.

Direct link - 




I know this skill seems extremely overpowered. But, it's meant to be.


Remember, you can only use it once per meter fill.

And, if you use it, it depletes the meter entirely.


Meaning, if you just enter the "rage mode" (or whatever), and you need to use the ult. That means you will have to fill the meter again straight away.


There we have it, my 3rd concept.

Again, I know it's probably a 99.99999999999999999% chance that this will never see the light of day. But, I have fun writing up these concepts.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Awesome i like the idea of the second power but i think it shouldn't be melle weapon i don't know something like ash blade storm blades but bigger or yeah

Well, the skill uses a melee weapon, but it's not a melee range skill.

You throw the blade x metres away from your body.

The weapon would be a spear, just shorter...A half spear of sorts.



Something like the spear on the left.

Definitely not a melee range skill, though.


Thanks for the feedback. :)

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