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Custom PC Case: Warframe Oxygen Tank


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Hi, I guess you all know the Oxygen Tanks from survival mode, but just to show what I'm beeing talking about:

That thing. I always thought that it would be pretty dope as a custom watercooled PC case.
Scale it a bit down, place all the components in the bottom, put Radiatiors into the midpart and the pumps+Reservoir on top. Something like this.

I'll split this up into multiple messages to keep it clean. Also I'll update this one the show what I have posted when so far.
First Design steps (posted on 30.09.2020)

3D Sculpting and Modeling(posted on 30.09.2020)

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First Design Steps:

The Concept:
So, as I've said before, the basic Idea is relatively Simple. Use the design and adapt it to be usable as PC Case.
I want to 3D Print this thing, since I dont like wood as material, don't have the money or skills to do fiber molding and always wanted a 3D printer. Simple first Choice.

So First if I need a general Idea how I want to utilize the Form of it. So Itook Vauban for a spin, made a dozen screenshots and the made these sketches:


You can already see, the simplifications I made. Also there are already some Basic Ideas I had at the time:
The Tubes on the top Should run the cooling Liquid through it. Mostly for looking cool, the real heat exchange should be done by radiators, as written before.
Also I scaled the thinner tubes on the sides up a bit, to let the Liquid move from the bottom to top and vice versa. So here it's already clear that I want 2 loops: CPU and GPU seperately. The little control panel on the sides shall have little informational Displays with temps etc. , the power and reset buttons as well as Some I/O like USB.

My next Idea was to replace the "round thingys" ontop of the tubes at the top of the case with actual Pump-Reservour combos, like shown in the image below:

So to have the 2 Pumps back2back and pop the round reseervour out. Whilst beeing fancy, this would contain destroying the reservoirs in the process since I would have to cut into them to make the tubes go through. So I opted for putting a custom reservoir on top of the assembly instead, with a good-to-reach fillport and nice visuals.


Sketching itself doesn't do the thing, because I needed to get a sense of Scale to it. So I installed Blender (which I never used before) and downloaded 3D Models from Alphacool and some other Vendors to try to aling the components somehow and get an idea how they would fit inside such a structure. Esepecially since I want to be able to fit 4 Slots of Expansioncard on the back, Use a standard ATX mainboard, A big GPU and a standard power Supply for the PC, so I can Upgrade indefinetly.

This kind of was the result of some playing around. The actual implemntation changed a bit, but the core components are visible: Full-size Mainboard, GPU and PSU as well as 2 Giant rad's: A 45x360x120mm (triple 120) for CPU coolung and a 45x480x120mm (quad 120) for GPU cooling. This will also create the height difference seen on the top of it.

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2: 3D Sculpting and Modeling

Tha Base:
Just sitting around and pondering over how it could be was never my style, so I started watching blender tutorials and began designing the base. Some time spent later this is wat I came up with:

Be nice, It's my first try at blender ever.

So you can see, I already implemented some new things: The holes on top are for cable- and tube routing and wont be visible. I loved the idea of still having great airflow (for the PSU and other components) and the great look of a 200mm fan, so I downloaded and added one :D Also I wanted an easy option to maintain everything, so I added 2 Doors. The back will be covered by a PCI-Backplate (so you can screw In expansion cards, which will be connected via riser cards to the mainboard).

The first iteration was a bit too sqaure for my taste and went to far from the design in the game, so was to be changed. 

The Center Piece:

This proved to be very difficult. Beeing near the original desing means basically no airfllow. But I want some overclocking (I oftenly have friends over to play emulated games, which needs high core clocks) so good practicality is better than a perfect look. At first.
This is the first thing I came up with:

The fans shall pull the Air out of the center, the gap shall be covered with some mesh. However, the tiny gap would restrict the airflow. So since the design was already to boxy and far away from the original I opted to increase the gap and lower the base a bit. This way I hadto tilt the motherboard and move the psu. But I would have better airflow both in the base as well at the radiators. I anyways wanted to route the I/O to a custom bracket at the back. More work when installing, but the look benefitted greatly. However, theres still one problem: The cneter looks really boring.

2EhltV.pngSo I iterated a bit (from left to right). I needed something to fix the console to, so I added a place for this. Then I had the idea of fitting these "bars" to make it a bit more robust. This looked a bit too boring and dind't have the original dent in it, so I added one. So now I have great Airflow. To keep the top-Angle not to harsh, I added a small free space above the smaller radiator. This one will contain the 2 pumps for the whole thing.


The Top Piece

this one is a really hard to get right. I am not in any range of beeing able to recreate the filigrane looks of the original model. But I want to have the Liquid circulate through it.
The first issue: There are 4 tubes per side on top. However, with the biggest hardtub available for PC cooling it still looks ridiculously tiny. So I did some research on it. I found a Hardware seller which has 25mm Acrylic tubing available. Perfect for this. I will build some custom fittings for this, but conceal these inside the Case itself. And I guess I'll need a lot of bending practice. So with these tubes I found something which looks nice on the case.
However, with the design choices I made, It somehow is really hard to get a satisfying look out of the case. Here my Attempts so far:


I am very pleased how the last one looks, but Its stil somewhat off._

What you can also see on the screenshots, is the reservoir which I want to have on top. It is shared between both cooling loops and allows for easy fill up. A drain port will be available at the bottom on the back panel.


This Is the current state of the Project (30.09.2020). Maybe you have some Ideas.
But because of corona, the realization of it will take a heck of a lot of time. I've been hit hard by the crisis. No money nor Job atm, so bying pc components or 3D printing is wayyyyy off for me right now. Also working on Blender is kindof a pain in the butt with my current PC.

But I'm not here to whine, I want to have some Ideas and opinions.

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