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Gas, Electric, AND Heat Exalted Blade not interacting correctly with Mecha mod set (Videos Included) - Updated


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I was testing some setups out in the Simulacrum, mostly revolving around gas and the Mecha mod set, when I went back to my old fallback of using Excalibur with Chromatic Blade to get 100% status chance with my Exalted Blade. I set my energy color to a greenish blue so that Chromatic blade would have base Toxin damage and added a heat mod to make the damage 100% Gas. In theory, this should guarantee that I gas proc whatever I hit and if the target has a dog-shaped mark over their head they will spread whatever status (gas in this case) to all enemies in about 30 meters.

When I ran up to begin swinging away at the enemy my dog marked I noticed that, after the target's death, they didn't spread gas among all the other enemies in the crowd:

I tested the set again with an Exalted Blade built for just heat to make sure the Mecha mod set was still mostly working and wasn't broken as whole, fortunately it still spreads heat among enemies. 


I also tested a regular melee weapon build for gas and found the Mecha mod set to spread the effect normally


I'm no expert on the enigma that is the inner workings of Warframe's code, but if I had to make a guess, maybe the Mecha Mod set just doesn't recognize Exalted Blade's gas status versus a regular melee weapon's gas status?


I was toying around with other DoT status procs, and while I found some pretty stellar success with Toxin damage, I ran into a hiccup with Heat damage on weaker enemies and a complete lack of functionality with Electric damage.

Here you can see that an Electric Exalted Blade doesn't spread the electrified status effect in any way when killing a marked target under its effect with the Mecha Mod Set, similar to gas damage:


Heat damage under most circumstances will function completely normally with the Mecha mod set, spreading it's burning DoT over the 30 meter AoE provided you proc heat before killing the marked target. The exceptions is if the attack that procs heat kills the target in a single blow; this is not exclusive Exalted Blade either, but is exclusive to heat.  Here you can see that, while heat does spread it's full effect over the crowd, the DoT deals next no no damage (if any damage at all):


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