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Can't invite people and nobody can invite me either



When I try to invite someone, game says could not invite the player and when someone tries to invite me they say im appearing to be offline but im not. Also I can't play any public missions either despite my mission option being public. Like every mission is solo. Please help me, how can I fix this.

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If you are 100% sure your matchmaking is set to public (a globe) then.....

All I can think of is your messed with the ports or region??? 

Menu -> options -> "chat" tab  is where I think the port/region settings are... post a pic of that if you can so we can look...


Menu -> options -> one of the tabs....  you can enable/disable invites......  (but I dont know if that would affect your ability to join random squads....)

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People in my clan have been having problems with this lately - even if their name does not appear in the Friends list, and typing the name will gives a "could not deliver" error. Usually (100% so far) someone in the group can invite by typing the name in (you still get the error, but they can accept and join). One or two people may have to try before it lets you group.

This has been a new hassle starting a few weeks ago, but intermittantly... thankfully, it snot all the time.

G'Luck! :redveil:

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