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Why didn't I get the hemlith resource refund. I Feel cheated


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So I've been playing Warframe for a few years now and anytime the game has had a need to give a refund I have never had an issue well with this latest update the majority of the people I know got a refund for hemlith and the majority of the resources that they put into it I had the hemlith in ranked up some and I have not received the refund I feel like I've been cheated there's people I know they only got theirs fed one time what leveled it up one time and they got the quotes on quote resource refund for it now I had to unlock I had it made I put resources in it and I still have not received the refund I feel cheated what was the criteria to get why did I not get it why am I having to miss out on what is or was mine when I grind it out for just about everyone I know received it and I didn't why? Am I eligible and if not how come . If I'm not eligible why are others that barely touched it?

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