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Rivens trade bug report


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Hello! I'm a gamer where live in Korea. So, plz understand my English skills.

I have a bug report about trading riven mods.

When 2020/10/01 21:30~40 in Korea time, I didn't have enough riven places so, bought 3 riven places at shop.

Then, I want to trade two 'melee riven mods (veiled)' with another player who called 'Morgelai'.

When I was trading, the message said that 'trading is canceled'. This isn't a problem but, I saw that my platinum was gone.

I had an experience like this before but at that time, I lost little money, also I was sure that this bug will fix!

But, that bug didn't fix and i lost 60 platinum in this time..... I think this bug can occur everyone, so could you fix this bug? Also, I want the platinum back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)



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