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Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.2.1

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Gauss Graxx Skin

- The texture looks very mushy compared to other Graxx skins

- In Redline, the Flames on the Graxx Helmet dont seem to adhere to either emissive or energy color choice but stay default reddish.


@[DE]Megan fyi.

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Any word/progress on fixing the broken Tusk Heavy Gunners yet? Their damage is abnormally high considering that they can kill Necramechs and Eidolon Lures in seconds. They're the Juno Elite Crewmen on steroids.

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1 minute ago, Raitlor said:

@[DE]MeganWe're on week 18 of no word. Could someone please tell us if this was an intended change or if its a bug being looked into? We've been asking for months now.


I forgot this happened to me with Umbra, thanks for bringing attention to it.

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vor 17 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.2.1


TennoGen Round 19 - Part 1!

With 29 incredible new items in TennoGen Round 19, we’ve split it up into 2 parts!

Check out TennoGen Round 19 - Part 1 via Steam!  




Gauss Agito Skin by Rekkou

Gauss Graxx Skin by Faven 

Hildryn Sigrun Skin by malaya, Jadie, and Awk'Q-Luz 

Zephyr Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster

Mag Corpra Skin by FrellingHazmot 

Mirage Kitsune Skin by kakarrot2812 and Skyeraikes 




Titania Viraji Helmet by malaya and blazingcobalt 


Blaze Oculus by blazingcobalt 




Night Hunter Syandana by Mz-3 

Tsujinasa Syandana by BeastBuster 

Ranulyst Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar 




Grimstone Heavy Blade Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus 

Obanakk Heavy Blade Skin by VoidPunch 

Osiris Polearm Skin by Lubox




Mantis Lilieae Skin by MaceMadunusus 




Xulatu Chest Armor by led2012 



  • For those of you using DX10, the launcher will now remind you that we’re phasing DX10 out in the near future.

  • Removed the Gas Status Effect from the Deimos Jugulus shooting bone glaives.

    • The Gas Status Effect was unintended - should only be administering Slash.



  • Fixes towards a crash that could occur in a Survival mission when choosing to return to the Orbiter.

  • Fixed an issue where the "swap polarity" functionality would be broken on weapons that had only ever done no-op Polarizations.

  • Fixed the Quassus leaving you "unarmed" after using heavy attacks.

  • Fixed a section in the Ustara Crater within the Orb Vallis that resulted in your Warframe turning invisible, the minimap changing, and enemies not attacking you.

  • Fixed a spot in the Grineer Sealab tileset where enemies struggled to jump down a hole as a team, which resulted in AFK farming.

  • More fixes towards Look Link issues and diorama issues with the new Companions (mismatching tails, for example).  

  • Fixed the Oscira Bow Skin not applying correctly to the Kuva Bramma.

  • Fixed missing Standing icon when viewing the eidolon Hunt Bounty with Konzu.

  • Fixed screens overlapping when purchasing a Glyph. 

  • Fixed a script error when offering an Eidolon Shard during a Teralyst Hunt Bounty.

  • Fixed a script error when a Ghoul Devourer attempts to grapple you.

  • Fixed a script error when the Treasurer spawns.

  • Fixed a script error when throwing a Shock Spear in a Free Roam transition (Elevator, etc).

  • Fixed a script error when casting Ember’s Immolation ability.

  • Fixed a script error when casting Nyx’s Psychic Bolts ability.


Missed Change:

  • The ‘Deferred Rendering’ Display option has been retitled to ‘Graphics Engine’.

Mech Vacuum when? (P.S. Not a Bandaid, a real fix)

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Just now, IgnisWings said:

hotfix your grammar my good man.

hotfix your pleasure of corrections. thanks. давай поговорим на других языках, на которых я общаюсь свободно и непринужденно, ну же , дружок?

Chcete si opravit komunikační dovednosti v jiných jazycích?

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14 minutes ago, Zygmyr said:

Add Mastery Rank 30 test.
Fix some lighting like in profiles.
Let us use Necramechs / Kdrive in default missions.
Add custom crosshairs.

Custom crosshairs are my #1. I can never see what I'm shooting at with Necramechs (especially on Deimos) cos the tiny little cross-point is almost invisible. Make it a big cross. a big white cross (or *insert custom colour here cross*) so we can actually see it. We're not all running 4k 50" monitors with perfect eyesight.

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10 minutes ago, Zygmyr said:

Add Mastery Rank 30 test.

Let us use Necramechs / Kdrive in default missions.

There is no reason to add it since its unobtainable at the moment.

Kdrives would be bad since not every map has large and plain rooms but they will add Necramechs if you havent watched the last devstream. They are checking every door on every map so Necramechs dont get stuck in a room.

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