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Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.2.1

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Personally, I thought glaives from level 15 Jugulus were meant to one shot most frames because of how stupidly high the base stats on most of those enemies are.
One-bang your shield > 900 damage proc is par for the course on low level open world content. 

At least this projectile that blends in with the landscape, has no audio warning, no particle effects, and no trail won't be forcing me to cheese out the procs via void mode anymore. 

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52 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Heart of Deimos: TennoGen: 29.2.1 update and fixes      PLEASE PLEASE ON PC can we have the option to rebuild the Vault keys if a User misses the door to vault or just let it fall on the ground to re-throw it .     It is hard enough with people chicken out going to round 3 to a user throwing the key at door and we have to quit the full game and restart again.     Annoying.  "I do not understand why others have not said anything on PC".,"Love the game thank you Team". 


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Thanks but please...

  1. Change outline color of conservation target to emissive color like with mining. The color currently too close to the zone ambition theme and hard as anything to see. Even worse from a distance. Let us have control of what color is best to see!
  2. Why are the new spears attracting enemies while in stealth (loki, ivara) while the flavor text says "Noiseless"! Let me fish in PEACE!
  3. Fix archwing being blown out. Feels like a beginner tried to do cell shading... 
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50 minutes ago, Audiomaniak said:

SWAP POLARITY doesn't work anylonger. - I like this feature. ;)

Hey Audiomaniak! We are investigating the issue of not being able to swap polarities anymore.

The issue is fixed, you once again can swaps polarities as your heart contents.

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1 hour ago, -FrutyX- said:

TennoGen ! Very nice,thank you.


Just some reminders:

- Still looking for some in-game lighting changes (autoexposure) .

- Host migrations were happening more than usual, especially in longer runs, already reported in PC Bugs MM.

- Tusk heavy gunner having too much damage.

- Helminth flowers growing inside the infested walls.

- Having Necramechs in normal missions (very needed).

- Selfdamage knockdown on AMPs is one of the worst thing in this game that was implemented, get rid off it, being locked in that animation almost after every shot is horrible.

- We need more ways to acquire Forma and even Umbra Forma, for example, my Inaros Prime is weaker than my normal Inaros just because I don't have any Umbra Forma left, so I am forced to wait for a way to get Umbra Forma .....

- Mission progress/rewards UI is still, shall we say, very meh, it needs some improvements

- Some people still didn't forgot about the command intrinsic class for RJ ! :)

bruh you do know half of those things you mentione are not that important and operator stagger, i dont mind it,  just go in and out of operator and you wont have it,also i have no problem with tusk heavy gunners plus on top of that necramechs in normal missions are not needed it would be good if we would have em in normal missions and if not its fine and also i dont get host migrated in long missions ive done long arbitration and theres no host migrations and railjack can wait its not first priority and we dont need more ways to aquire umbra forma or regular forma cuz if you are new player you shouldnt worry about umbra forma till u actually have done the sacrifise also UI is fine it doesnt need any upgrading its fine as it is if you dont like it you dont like it cuz they cant please everyone so most of the stuff you just typed makes no sence or is less important cuz theres waay more bugs that are gamebreaking and the game is free aswell so in time some fixes will happen you just need to wait so if any of the Digital extremes staff reads it thanks for what you do love you all you beans and ill support you no matter what.

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Please try to focus on fixing Cambion Drift Bounties and Conservation.

Avichaea still gets stuck in the Cerebrum Magna's geometry and that is usually the only trail in the whole instance. Same for other animals' tracks.
Isolation vault bounties sometimes still repeat the same tier twice instead of progressing to the next.

Not to mention the several issues on regular gameplay that the patch brought forth.

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