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Silence + Assimilate Nyx (Helminth System)

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A unique build that I'm starting to love alot.

Nyx is already invulnerable with her assimilate, however, in endurance runs here energy gets drained obscenely fast. Chaos itself is a good CC ability, but its unreliable at times and requires recasting. After messing around with the Helminth system, i realised Silence fit right in. Most assimilate builds would have some efficiency and duration included, and honestly even with Cunning Drift (+15% range) as your only range mod, silence already has a 23m radius, which is good enough for most tilesets.

The aim of Silence is so that enemies have less chance to shoot you, and thereby drain your energy. Goes extremely well with Melee focused assimilate builds, and honestly at lower levels, silence is more than good enough to ensure you don't die (with shield gating + rolling guard).

I do recommend combining this with Exodia Hunt (on a Hammer with Crushing Ruin), and with all the cc you have with silence and exodia hunt, alongside psychic bolts, you'll shred through enemies with ease. Do note you can also use savage silence, and alongside exodia hunt youre looking at obscene finisher damage numbers once enemies are pulled towards you :")


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Imo that counterproductive.

For me Nyx assimilate build only need mobility ( maybe with reave but hey we have spoiler mode. )  and silent build is for low range. ( silent only stun for a couples second + cant recast. Need to move from range to stun again. ) for me silent is for finisher. 

If u want enemy not hit u with 100%+ range i think its better with shooting gallery or just let chaos do its job. 

But dont let my comment ruin your game. Do want u want to do. As long its fun for u then doit. 

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I did the same thing to my Nyx some time ago, I subsumed Silence into her. However in all honesty it’s very difficult to legitimize Assimilate Nyx anymore. The change to Absorb’s algorithm siphons way too much energy, and even if Assimilate doesn’t take friendly fire the absorption rate to energy siphoned from enemy fire is too much still. Like superiouz here, in my belief I think it’s counterintuitive: To have a tank ability like Assimilate Absorb work in conjunction with an aggro-mitigation ability like Silence. And then you have Chaos which also functions as an aggro drop ability as well.

Personally, I would rather go with Savage Silence on Nyx, keep Chaos as it is, keep to 100% range or so, and utilize her as an evasive frame. Rolling Guard, shield-gating, and Augur set is all you need for survivability (Dragon Key that drops shields is a bonus). Psychic Bolts is quick to cast for armor strip, shield generation, and light CC, whereas Silence is your priority CC, and Chaos is your “oh #%€£” aggro drop.

Still, if you enjoy Assimilate I can’t contest it. Every player plays differently.

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