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What are your thoughts on the current status effects?

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I am only considering the status effects , not their damage potential without the procs.


Heat is good by itself , its not over powered and does its thing well as the remaining element in a build (standalone) for extra DOTs,

Electric lags a little behind heat but since it triggers an AOE damage pulse its serviceable if for some reason heat is not an option.

Toxin is good by itself for its DOTs i think its on par with electric as standalone and is serviceable , but since its usually used for either viral or corrosive its not commonly seen,

Cold is relatively weak ,  its status slows down enemies but electric completely stops them so there is little reason to use it by itself, mostly used to make viral.

I feel viral needs a slight nerf , the 325% at max stack bonus is much better than the alternatives. maybe limit it to 250% or so. That should be top priority.It would still be good , just not the most convenient and effective choice right now.

Corrosive is fine where it is a more effective armor strip than heat over multiple stacks,

Magnetic needs another effect just like heat has both a armor reduction and a DOT magnetic should have a shield reduction and some sort of attractor like mags magnetize bubbles (or the void bubbles) as an example its really in a bad place right now.

Raddiation is like cold, the status procs dont really do much as the enemy vs enemy damage is kinda weak and they can still target you - it is however fun to see fully radiated and viralled enemies try to kill each other - it too should get another effect , maybe radial pulses or eenmies can impart radiation in their allies that can cause their own radiation procs - a chain reaction using radation procs would be so apt.

Blast is ... what does this even do? negative accuracy? this is S#&$ , it might look good on paper , but its pointless , CCed or dead enemies do no damage , i would rather have enemies that cannot shoot rather than enemies that have a 25% chance to shoot. if it made enemies drop their weapons instead it would be at least somewhat effective in niche builds,

Gas , needs a number change , the effect itself is fine but for a combined element it does not stack very well against its counterparts. Its effective AOE damage at end of its procs should be equivalent to the potential damage of corrosive and viral when it reaches 10 stacks.


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The change to Slash/Viral/Heat/Corrosive makes them more situational against enemies except when you combine both Viral/Heat. Slash not ignoring Shields becomes a big deal in high level Steel Path Void when not Meleeing. Viral being changed from a Health Debuffer to a Damage Amplifier gives it usage with Slash (again), and Abilities that can scale Damage while Corrosive is there if the Weapon can’t create enough Slash to make Viral worth it unless you’re using a slower Semi Auto Weapon which is where Radiation becomes more available. 

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10 hours ago, trst said:

I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with any of the existing status effects but rather there are issues with enemies and how they interact with them. Mainly that enemies aren't designed to encourage different combinations. There are painfully few instances in which the primary meta elements aren't the best choice (Viral, Slash, Corrosive, Heat) especially as enemies aren't unique enough from each other resulting in the same combinations being effective regardless of faction/mission.

It doesn't matter how much a status is buffed or reworked when over 99% of content can be cleared with the use of the same 2-4 elements out of the 13 total.

Deimos was a, albeit heavy handed, approach in the right direction with making heavy units Viral immune. All it really did was make Corrosive the go to for Deimos and is a shallow way to increase element diversity but specific element interactions with certain enemies would go a long way for improving the system.

you kidding me ? puncture and blast status procs are 100% if not more useless , in no scenario you want those procs and before you even get the full efect enemies are dead .

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I think the statuses could use a rework so we dont have just a few mandatory ones on all weapons.

Viral, Puncture, Impact and Magnetic should be reworked.

Puncture +100% damage versus health caused by IPS damage

Impact +100% damage versus shields caused by IPS damage

Viral +100% damage versus health caused by elemental damage

Magnetic +100% damage versus shields caused by elemental damage

All 4 would stack like magnetic and viral currently does. Radiation, Heat and Corrosive could be slightly reworked so they sync with either the puncture or viral debuff (whichever is highest), since puncture effectively breaks armor or whatever protective gear is worn so the radiation, flames or acid can do its work better.

This is just an idea so weapons with different damage types are built with different stats.

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Make magnetic do a very limited mag magnetism affect, affecting a small radius.  Gives attraction you, and your enemies projectiles could be cool, serving as both a limited defensive sheilding and offensive aim assist.

Thinking through this... might just be too powerful.  Either way I prefer more interesting affects than dmg.  Changing the gun play dynamic/strategy is fun an interesting.  Though our mob ai is boring, so might not be worth it.

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I'm disappointed with some of the decisions they made with the recent rework. I don't know why they buffed viral - it was already good. I can understand why they buffed heat, it sucked before, but 50% armor strip for a single proc steps on the toes of corrosive and makes corrosive less valuable. 

Why did they cap gas at 10x stacks but leave electric and heat to have unlimited stacks?

Why did they make it so that elemental mods don't increase gas damage but they do increase electric aoe damage?

Why give the same damage bonus both for viral and magnetic, even though magnetic's effect only affects a small portion of the total health pool you come across and viral works on nearly literally everything, including the corpus?

I wish they would just explain WHY they make these decisions. What methodology do they use to balance this stuff?

There's such a lack of communication from the devs on this stuff. I think they need to communicate more with the players when it comes to these things before they pull the trigger on such changes.


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