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[WF appearance] Could we please change materials like metal, glass, hard surface (default), translucent (look at Nidus' default colors).


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Or at least choose which one part (primary, secondary, tertiary, accents) is metallic (can be colored gold/silver)?

So having some knowledge about PBR from messing around with Unreal engine, it seems a waste that Warframe has these PBR materials (particularly glass and Nidus' default look) but we don't get to use/customize them.

Some weapons (Opticor Vandal) have a metallic surface you can color with light blue, copper, gold, silver or whatever. Gara's hammer (Volnus) has glass. But it would be cool if we could have this with more weapons.

PBR metals:


Galvanized steel:



So anyway. I wanted to make an Egyptian version of the Inaros Ramses skin:


Looks kind of cool. Let's change the colors around:


It's more noticable in game when you look at that skin - the Accents part (blue, gold) is metallic and reflective, the other (Primary color) isn't reflective but seems to be metal.

What I want is the first version, but to switch the metallic property so that it's the other part, the gold part (Primary), which is reflective and metallic. Not the blue (Accents).

As you can see there would be an improvement in appearance customization just from being able to switch which part is reflective or glass.

It's either that, or come out with interesting skins.

And if anyone with graphics programming knowledge is browsing this.. there was a really cool rendering trick done by the maker of Sculptris, where in that app, anything you model is rendered to look just like the 3d version of an input 2d sphere - as it should look like:


So look at the other Sculptris "materials", they are actually just 2d images - you can make your own similarly:


You can make them metallic or whatever you want, with the crux that they are simply looked up in 2d (no 3d scene capture for truer metal reflectivity) as simple IBL. But that offers some pretty cool rendering effects cheaply for slower graphics cards. You only need to provide a 2d image.

It's not the lighting being calculated for each pixel, but instead where on the 2d sphere each 3d vertex and pixel lies. This method works better with high poly models, and it doesn't do more shader computation for the lights in the scene. The final appearance is simply looked up using a prerendered texture, as if the lighting and scenery were "baked in".

And you bet, you can plug that galvanized steel image directly into Sculptris!



It was slightly too small (within all the pixels of the image), that's why you get some white in there. Scaling the image dimensions smaller would do nothing; there is another jpg that looks fine. Its 2d sphere is slightly larger.

And this could give a fresh look to the Orbiter.

Some others:


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I've been saying for a long time that the "powders and dyes" hawker dude in Cetus should sell specialty dies that grant different textures or even patterns. There could be more options added to the Necralisk and Fortuna as well, covering a wide range of textures

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Supposedly that's something that is already in the works, according to Steve in an interview at TennoVIP 2019. Its something I desperatly want too, there are a lot of parts on various cosmetics and skins that just don't match how they should. Nidus' body is shiny but some of the infested syandanas aren't. Some skins have metallic channels on them that I wish weren't. The ability to change the gloss/shine percentage and the material of each color channel would be the best thing to happen to cosmetics ever.


Q: What are your plans for future enhancements to the skin that are not part of Warframe itself? For example, you can change each part of your body such as arms and legs into different skins.
Skins and other elements we call "fashion frame" but the ability to modify Warframe, the incarnation of players, is of course important. While it's still a long way to go to get a per-part skin, we're working on a system that allows you to individually set up plastic, metal, and other materials for each part of your body, such as your arms and legs.


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