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The Limbo Theorem....Still bugged



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15 minutes ago, PathfinderPrime said:

The quest is done and got all parts long ago but still there is no fkin fix that marks the quest as done and cant reset it or sth. So when do you finally FIX it ?

Did you get the parts by doing your own personal quest missions or by doing it through other people's Limbo missons? 

Can you set it as the active quest? If so, what happens? Does it offer you a mission to do? Or does it just bug out?

Even if you have all the parts already, it doesn't matter, if you haven't completed the missions the quest offers you, you still won't be able to complete the quest. 

If you are absolutely certain that it really is just bugged, then it is a personal problem bugging on your account, and you will need to open a support ticket to have it fixed. 

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