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Lich Recovery speed change ???



Its been a long time since I have ran Lich's but I decided to go after a trickster ephemera.   I was helping others do their lichs so I could leech murmurs and more than once A lich would show up and we would kick its butt, it would go down,  and the person who was connected to that lich wouldnt be around.   The lich would very very quickly regenerate his health and get back up to fight again.   

Has anyone else noticed a change in recovery times for Lich's???   Other times with others and when I went after my own the recovery rate was normal and slow.   

I think maybe Lich's with super fast recovery were being affected by a Nova who was a speed nova.  This could be a bug and possibly a way to troll/grief others.....   Also if nova can affect recovery speed I wonder about other frames with similar speed altering abilities. (fast or slow)

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