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When does Halloween/Day Of The Dead start in Warframe?



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Well technicly if we look at past years 

2013 - from October 23 to November 6

2014 - from October 27 to November 3

2015 - from October 28 to November 4

2016 - from October 27 to November 10

2017 - from October 18 to November 1

2018 - from October 17 to November 1

2019 - from October 2 to November 1


i really wonder when its gonna show up but my guess is before october 28th ^.^ 

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If my goldfish memory serves me right I think last year it began between the 12th and 15th, or something like it. I'm also certain it ended a generous while after Halloween.

The comment above seems to corroborate it, though it's just a matter of checking the wiki or old forum announcements to be sure.

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7 hours ago, Zahnny said:

Seeing that multiple games have already engaged the festivities for it. I'm wondering when that happens in Warframe if anyone knows, I need one of the skins there for a thread I've made anyway.

The "Dead of the Dead" customs don't start until the end of October.

It's going to be the same cosmetics, and I'm hoping they add at least a railjack skin.

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I've always HOPED for something kinda like they did in WoW with the wands.  Where you could change each other into different things, skeletons, witches, etc etc.  Would be fun to run around with a Grineer, Infested, or Corpus skin (instead of just the one, imo crappy looking, Dullahan Mask.  Even if it were something like bolts on the neck, an arrow or dual cleavers in the head, witches hat, ghost sheet draped over lol, SO many crazy fun things that could be done!!

FashionFrame IS important, as we all know.  So, why not go with it!  (I'd die for a tux and top hat, nurses costume, even just cat ears lol)

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