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Event / New Tileset Bug,


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I'm very upset and mad right now. Come on to play the new event, was loving it, was loving the new tilesets until I came across this bug and was cheated out of a catalyst. I came on when the mission was set on gradivus, me and my friend Deathcom were running these by ourselves, we had encountered a problem in this room (will post a screenie). The first problem is the minimap, it would show an enemy one direction, we run that way and it would show it in the other direction. That glitch is old so i'm used to that. So I decided to keep searching for him. We never found the last enemy and we thought ok let's leave and retry. It was our last chance to get the Orokin Catalyst from that mission because it was at 99% until the event changed missions. So we both joined and tried again. The glitch happens AGAIN! Same room and everything! However this time we FINALLY found him, he was glitched in a wall and all we can see was the top of his head. 1 enemy left, so my friend Deathcom shoots him and kills him. Then we find that the enemy counter still says 1 left. So we were unable to finish the mission. We were forced to leave because there were no enemies left (Even though we did kill the last enemy!). Since the event mission was at 99% when we started, we had to leave so we lost the chance of a catalyst. Which really makes me mad. I fully feel cheated, even though I know it's no ones fault but the bug. Please fix it and I will submit a ticket to hopefully claim my Catalyst which I deserve. Anyways that's the bug. I will post screenies of the room and the location we found the last enemy stuck in a wall. Thanks DE.


P.S. will also show some grineer bugs, them stuck etc.

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