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Quality of life Rework Idea Chroma


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One thing that most people in my friend group can agree in is that there are some Warframe that are extremely good and useful, but overall just that useful. 

Chroma is the first frame that comes to mind. Now while Gauss, Grendel, Mirage, Titania are fun and extremely good, Mirage depends on light and dark too work, and Grendels damage buff is good but not great, and Gauss's tank is good not great. Chroma is incredibly useful in most players eyes, however also in most he is not fun to play as. 

Chroma is a boring warframe to use. I would like to know if you could keep chroma useful to the same degree, but make him fun to play how would you rework him.

My idea would be changing how his 2 good abilities work, and a complete change in his 1st and 4th. Whats yours.

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On 2020-10-05 at 12:35 AM, (NSW)Kaizer said:

create a mod that allows Chroma to take 2 colors to combine the elemental combos like Blast, radiation, viral, gas, corrosive.

That would be great, and I know this reply is late af I always forget the forums exists and use reddit, however that may be great, but how could they make him fun and useful. Thats the problem in my eyes a way to make him fun would make him used in everyday mission more.

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