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What is the best gram prime build



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I have a riven with attack speed, cold and combo duration


blood rush

weeping wounds

prime reach

organ shatter 

primed fever strike


I use this against corrupted and Graineer. You could reduce elemental damage a bit to increase slash value comparatively. Personally, I prefer highest damage possible, since it is faster for killing trash.


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I don’t use multiplier mods because I don’t know when I have access to 12x, but what I have been enjoying ever since I’ve tried it is:

-primed pressure point

-condition overload 

-a viral combination for 60/60 mods vicious frost+virulent scourge 

-volcanic edge 60/60 and carnis mandible 90/60


-primed reach

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On 2020-10-03 at 7:20 AM, (PS4)Siramezz said:

- Blood Rush
- Condition Overload
- Weeping Wounds
- Primed Reach (normal reach works)
- Organ Shatter
- Berserker
- 60/60 or 90/90 Viral/corrosive element (i use 60/60 viral)

this works, but an alternative is:

- blood rush

-sacrificial pressure

-sacrificial steel


-organ shatter

-gladiator might

-two 60/60 mods for viral or corrosive.

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