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Livestream Schedule: October 5 - 9

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Nice drops! Oh wait theres my girl Valkyr need her glyph <3

I hope to be in time to go at the relays, its gonna be awesome. The idea to make relays interactive during stream is so cool.

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3 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Monday - Thursday: In Action Lottery! Receive one of these Warframe In Action Glyphs. Each has an equal chance of dropping:

  • Banshee Glyph
  • Frost Glyph
  • Gauss Glyph
  • Grendel Glyph
  • Nekros Glyph
  • Nova Glyph
  • Nyx Glyph
  • Protea Glyph
  • Saryn Glyph
  • Valkyr Glyph
  • Vauban Glyph
  • Xaku Glyph

Out of curiosity, is there a way for the system to check if you already own one or more of these glyphs, before randomly dropping one? If it can, that would prevent a viewer from getting a duplicate of a glyph they already have!

  • (Hopefully including whichever preceding glyph they'd have earned from any particular stream next week, so you don't accidentally get two of the same glyph in the same day)

The last time I recall something similar happening was the Liset Athari Skin, which was from Nightwave Intermission 2 and rebuilding the Strata relay :]

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2 hours ago, KarL_DREI-46 said:

How to Enter to get drops

You just need to make sure that your warframe account is linked to a twitch account. As long as everything is connected right & you're able to get a drop (It's not impossible to run into some issues sometimes), then Teshin will send you an in-game inbox message with the drop thing(s)! Thankfully, it's free; You just need to watch the stream for a certain amount of time (Usually a full half hour).

  • Twitch itself is not going to notify you of any drops, they aren't in charge of that notice-wise. So you'll only ever know if it worked in-game, as long as everything is set up properly. Hope it helps :]
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