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Livestream Schedule: October 5 - 9

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5 hours ago, Roble_Viejo said:

I have another question tho
Do they send you a "whisper" over Twitch if you happen to win? Do you get a notification whatsoever? 

if you listen to them when they call a winner, you have to whisper them when you win, if you arent there to hear it then you cant claim your prize

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16 hours ago, IspanoLFW said:

3 Glyphs so far, all 3 Grendel. Not that I care about the glyphs in the first place, but that's some RNG there.

The fact that you can only get 4, all of them can be the same one.. so technically you can get only 1

This is poor drop design.. if it was like the cards drop when you we're able to watch other streamers (in the scope of WF oc) you get a random every 30 minutes (correct me if I'm wrong) that was acceptable


BTW I got Frost, Saryn and Vauban 

Wish we we're also had a chance to get Clem :)

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Yo DE please refund my account 15 plat for changing my space dog's name from Donald Trump to pet#### you guys let me make his name that so you shouldn't have changed it without me knowing or being able to change his name beforehand. I'm not spending 15 plat that I actually spent money on just because you guys didn't like the name.

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On 2020-10-07 at 11:48 AM, (PS4)chemical_seven said:

Youre better off grinding these out yourself instead of simping for a handout.

23 hours ago, (NSW)CrimsonChemist42 said:

Bruh, how am I supposed to grind the GAUSS IN ACTION GLYPH!?! U can't just grind that one! This is my only chance of getting it and I'm not throwing away my shot!

This is likely suggesting that you farm prime parts/sets, trade them with players for plat, and then buy the glyph you want.

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On 2020-10-02 at 10:40 AM, (PS4)SunPaladin95 said:

Do you get a glyph or warframe?

bro idk if they will ever give out a full warframe thats not a big event, i hope they have a twitch drop for nezha prime tho, that would be fire



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