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Thrown Secondaries


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All of it. Just all of it. They all need a rework.

I love the feeling of using shurikens instead of conventional weaponry. The satasfying *thwak* as an Elite Lancer's corpse is pinned to the wall behind him. I was one of the Smolts armed with an Mk-1 Paris, Kunai, and Bo. But later on, you need a LOT of effort to get any throwing knife to face higher level content.

The throwing knives that don't explode (even the primed ones) have low overall stats, and base damage that doesn't scratch above 100. The 4 knives that defy these rules are the Pox, Talons, Castanas, ans Sancti Castanas. Even with that, most of the Pox's strengh comes from a damage over time cloud, and Multishot mods on the Talons and Castanas are bugged, with the extra projectiles spreading out so much that you need to be hugging the enemy to get the bombs to stick.

I know that there are better options out there, I know that all the throwing weapons are old, and I know that throwing a piece of glass at someone isn't going to be as powerful as a high caliber Lex shot, but I really like using thrown secondaries. If DE really wants to increase build diversity, then giving the throwing knives the same treatment they gave bows is a good way to do it.

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