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Titania prime fashion



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i personally made her 2 shades of light blue and black. using lotus ephmera with glassmaker sigil on back and gilded clan sigil on front. forgot the shoulder pieces name (they are the ones from barro that are more wing shaped and only have the shoulder pieces) and i use avia prime leg. this is also all on titania prime. it isn't insane, but it looks good. you can also add avia prime chest piece if you want.

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Might I present Titania, Empress of Fire.

In all honesty investing in her Deluxe skin is worth it imo. The orange that I have on her faulds looking drape on her back can be used to make some mesmerizing color combos, but I'm boring so I made it pure orange :) 

As realtray11 said, Avia Prime parts looks great on her and I've found that I like Riv-Elite, Dex Raksaka, and even Etheria parts from Harrow's Deluxe to shine on her as well.
I personally like the Vengeful Flame, Smoking Body, Fae Path, and Lotus Ephemeras on her. Trio Orbit looks cool in addition to her butterflies, but fails to blend with her aesthetic imo.

And maybe it's just because my brain is in Spooky Season mode, but whenever I look at Titania Prime, I can kinda see a bat in her...


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