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I have a problem and i dont know how to solve this



Hey guys, wassup,


Today I completed my Zenurik Passive Waybounds, and right about now i tried to hunt eidolon with it.


Mainly because I can "void dash" many times, but I think the passives are not applying effects, because I literally can void dash 3 times and my energy is over, I dont know if I'm missing something. 


Somebody can help me?

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If you want to make the most out of Void Strike damage for Eidolon hunts do not put any points into Void Radiance leave it just unlocked.

The longer you stay cloaked in a hunt the next 8 shots do 12% more damage doesn't sound much but it can make a mess of Eidolons shields.

So max out Void Strike and you'll have another great tool for hunts.

Forgot to mention you need to have Madurai as the active school to use it, so make sure you have a friend to heal the lures.

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