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Trade/team matching bugged


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Hello all o/ 

I trade frequently and this is yet another day when I am not able to invite friends and other players into my squad to play with them or/and trade. I keep getting message 'X player seems to be offline' when I do know they are online. When other player tries to invite me in, I get 'host not found' information. Also usually people who get invited into my dojo land on my railjack and are stuck there. In most cases I have to tell them to press ESC and then select fast travel function to let them get free. Other times the one has to leave squad and get invited again. At first I thought it was just a few events but now it covers more than 90% of cases. I would really appreciate if these would get fixed soon as both me and other people get tired of that. Please consider to add a stacking mechanics into trading system as selling 50+ items of the same type at once is not fun.


Thank you and please stay safe

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