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Warframe despawn mission failure

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This has happened to me a few times and i’m getting really irritated of going on endless runs trying to farm tokens and mods just to lose all my pick ups and exp. 

when jumping in and out if warframe/mech/tenno your warframe seems to disappear from the mission. I’ve only had this happen in co-op with other players and you can not extract or split to solo. You get a mission failure because it reads as your warframe is gone if your mech dies you stay in tenno form your tenno gets downed/picked up/revived instead of your warframe and you cant /unstuck out of it. 
i’ve lost a recent run of endless deimos bounty at 100 tokens only getting mission rewards and base xp because it counted as mission failure 

it has happene more than once during isolation vault runs too meaning i lose all of my resources from the vaults that i opened. 

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