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Small feedback on Isolation Vaults after a week of... vaulting.


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After doing "yet another" Isolation Vault run, I got a bit salty. If I would go take a swim in Atlantic Ocean, it would become Dead Ocean.

Reward system is just infuriating.
First vault seems fair as you can get a processed "jewel".
Second vault gives you relics and matrices. I have enough of that trash already for two lifetimes.
Third one has a low chance for a weapon part, but more than nothing you will get those damn relics and matrices. 

What the hell are you supposed to do with all those matrices and relics. Bought out Loids assortment of items within few days. Sitting on a heap of matrices now. Could spawn a legion of Neos for all i care.
Vault Bonus itself is a hassle with Loid babysitting. And reward ain't so great either, you are more efficient just by mining and fishing manually, not to mention ocasional wildlife catches.

Isolation Vault novelty is running out on me.
Still haven't finished farming for Necramech, as I miss engine part whilst Damaged Weapon Pod is already at 26 parts. But random is random, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And from what i've gathered - Cortege itself ain't that good.

Why not add some useful loot to isolation vault reward pool.
1% Riven Sliver
1% Forma Recipe
10% Good and INTERESTING Necramech mod
15% Necramech Weapon Part
36% Gem/Fish Parts 
37% Endo

There is such fear of rewarding players with something they can put to use.

Speed running vaults within 30 minutes (skipping the first two bonus) yields no beneficial results.

Thanks for reading!
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Yep for something thats basically equivalent of eidolon hunts the rewards are meh. Why not add the arcanes here as well for some variety to eidolon hunting? 

Buut, Im confident they are still working on improving all aspects of deimos so most likely the vaults will see changes as well. 

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