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How do I reliably farm Fallen Necramechs (for scans)?



I'm trying to clean out my Orokin section of the Codex, and I need another 16 Fallen Necramechs.

At first I planned on just tracking them in the wild, but when I found one walking around it was tagged Ally Necramech and didn't add to my codex tally.
So it looks like Isolation Vault secret rooms are my target, but I only have a superficial understanding of how the instance generation works.

As I understand it there are six Isolation Vault templates, and they are connected at random to the entrances so I can't just go to a specific entrance in an instance and force the same vault.
Of the six, only one has a secret room with a Fallen Necramech (via activating the crystals and jumping through the circle portal).
This vault can appear on any tier (I've seen in as a T1 in the past, and just today I found it in a T2). Mech inside can be scanned once while it is resting on the ground, then again after waking it up.

So... is any of that incorrect? Has anyone found a way to reliably open the specific vault with the fallen mech, and/or are there other secret chambers with fallen mechs?

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Fallen Necramechs are also found outside in Deimos during Fass time (when the red worm is active). You can notice them from the blue energy emanating from their carcass. 



There are specific fixed locations where they may spawn, which one is RNG every time.  What I did to finish this codex entry was just go outside, go to the locations I am familiar with, scan the necramech if I find one, go back inside, repeat.  Until I got tired of looking or Vome shows up and kills Fass; at which points all the fallen necramechs outside will become active and thus become "allied necramechs" (these don't seem to have a codex entry).



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