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30 min farming XP solo for Necromech but i lost it all


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i went solo to Temple of profit to lvl necromech .. i was doing good for 30 min without dyeing (thanks to trinity) but then my necromech died because enemies lvls became kinda tanky for me to kill, when i checked mission progress i found that i lost my all XP .. from lvl 11 to lvl 22 or 24 XP all gone (+120k xp iirc) ... i went back to fortuna to see if this is a visual bug but nope , in arsenal my necromech went back to lvl 11 

i have waited a month before i touch my necromech because i knew there will be tons of bugs and one of them is necromech lvling and i saw one of update notes that DE fixed that issue but apparently no , now i will have to go back there and farm for another 30 minute and hopefully i wont die again because if i did am gona leave that dusty robot to dust in inventory 

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