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Buff Rotation rewards from normal missions


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Rotation rewards from normal missions are so inconsequential, most of them are 5k credits, which is nothing.

Relics are nice ig, but relics are not reward, relics are more work, which you have to grind over and over for traces and building times and forma.

Buff the rotation rewards of normal missions for meaningful rewards, like 20k polymer, or 20k credits, 10k endo, idk. Make the rewards to the normal game modes meaningful.

Because the only hay to get a meaningful reward out of survival is to sit in a corner for 3h afk.

That's what Warframe's endgame is rn, sitting in a corner afk for 3h. And it's not the players being tryhard or no life. The game makes us do this because again, it's the only way to get meaningful rewards out of these game modes. And the solution to this is not nerfing farming frames, or weapons or anything, this is because the rewards are so low, that we have to do it this way for hours to get any sort of decent reward.














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While I do think the credits need a buff across the board, regular star chart rewards are okay as is. SP, Relics are the only reward that matter. Everything else I have a boat load of. 

I think what is more useful is buffing mob spawn types in SP in al missions. No need to wait 15 mins in endless to get eximus to spawn regularly.

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