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Isolation Vault - Necramech invulnerable + 1 hitting everything

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I ran into the invulnerable Necramech problem on a squad isolation vault run two days ago too. We dispatched the Necramechs in the first & second vaults as well as the first two Necramechs in the third vault without much problem. The last Necramech however would stay invulnerable and constantly spammed grave mines. Our team tried different tactics and after about 15 minutes the constant invulnerability finally went away although I nearly gave up. It seems like the cool down timer on the Necramech ability bugged out sometime.

On my last squad isolation vault run yesterday the game had a lot of glitches. In the 2nd phase of the first vault run one of the team members could not do anything but move around until we let his warframe die. He kept having problems after that like being unable to see all the same glyphs on the final vault door puzzle. One of our team's Necramechs also graphically glitched constantly so only the capsule part was visible. Fortunately we did not have too much trouble destroying all the enemy Necramechs. The host migrated during the bonus phase of the 3rd vault leaving me alone and the vault door puzzle showing two blanks for the 2nd & 3rd glyphs. I was able to solve it in two tries since there was fortunately only two possibilities. I did manage to get out & collected all the mission rewards but it was a frustrating experience.


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Indeed, having the mech keep spamming storm shroud over and over is a problem, but when it does that, you either need to shoot at it from far enough away that the reflect is out of range (difficult) or hit it with void damage such as spoiler mode. You have to hope it doesn't put storm shroud back up 1 second later, but still.

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