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Subsumed abilities on Nidus still require stacks

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Subsumed Nidus' 4th ability with Warcry, however, it can't be casted unless Nidus has at least 3 mutation stacks (same as Ravenous).


I'm centrally not the first to report this bug, but unless they fix it while it's "fresh", it will be years. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, DeckChairVonBananaCamel said:

just out of curiosity:

  • does it actually use the stacks, or just needs the minimum to be present to be able to cast?
  • does it still use energy?

Casting it doesn't use up any stacks, just the energy. The problem is that it is "locked" unless you have 3 stacks or more just like Ravenous. I think they didn't change the requirements for the 3rd and 4th ability on Nidus, when they get subsumed.

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The Link also requires 1 stack. It has the same problem. You'll notice that the ability aid in the cursor also indicates it can't be cast if the stacks needed for the original skill aren't there.

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