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Need some help with different Ash build, not relying on stealth



Hello good people, just hear me out first.

My most used frame is Ash. People call him ninja, but I always imagined him as a samurai (perhaps because of Ash Prime skin). Anyways I played him as advised, stealthy, but at the back of my mind there was always this urge to charge into battle head on, the way that a samurai would do. My most used primary was Daikyu and my favourite melee was Nikana Prime. 

Then I went on a year and a half break from Warframe. 

Now I come back and see that there's this wonderful synergy between Daikyu and Nikanas in a form of 3% life leech. And suddenly the dream of a samurai rushing into battle is alive again! 

My resolve is strong, Nikana is sharp, stance is Decisive Judgement and all I need now more survivability. For that I'm using Arcane Guardian, for a flat armor bonus, Arcane Strike for attack speed (and life leech) boost. My main defensive mods are Vitality, Adaptation, Rolling Guard and Hunter Adrenaline, I also use Chroma's Elemental ward for extra health. With this setup steel path is a breeze, but I run into problems when trying to stay in survival missions for more than 30mins (without stealth, that is). At some point I just get oneshot by someone in the sea of enemies. 

Anyways, I'm having a blast with this setup, I just need that little push to where I'm completely satisfied with my build. I just cant figure it out, so maybe someone here can help me?

If I missed any important detail etc, tell me and I will provide.

Thank you and have a good day :)

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