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DeathOrbs outside the Void


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Swazdo-Lah Fellow Tennos!

For quite a wile it has bummed me out that Primes have this ability to regain Energy near DeathOrbs in the void but that this Passive effect is completely useless outside the Void.

I dont remember if i posted already a Topic on this, if i have its long gone!

Many times when wondering around missions and entering small locker rooms i keep picturing a dismantled DeathOrb in a corner that despite broken apart still held some Void energy inside it and as the player walked closer it would start to glow until the player got close enough for it to release a burst of energy for players with Primed frames.

Why something like this hasnt been implemented into the game already also intrigues me as it would bring more value to players obtaining Primed gear. Maybe not always restore Energy, perhaps it could give the player a Random temporary buff to their gear like it happens when players open relics in Void fissure missions?

What are other Tenno's opinions on this?

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It used to be a bit better when Prime farming was done exclusively in the void - you use your primes to get more primes - but sadly when the Relics came in, that mechanic mostly died in its usefulness.  

I like the idea though, being on a Corpus map or something and you walk into a room and see they were studying an Orb and you get a nice shot of energy.  

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