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A Bit Of Spoilers To The Event


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I agree. Another thing I think will happen is Grineer forces get weaker as time goes on and Corpus gets stronger. Unless the Grineer manage to pull an invasion from Phobos too, though that's probably not happening.

The F dude?

pretty sure that was a joke, since they haven't told DC anything extra. Edited by theasl
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1)Corpus rewards will be better and better as the expansion continies.

2)Overall, Corpus rewards will be better than Grineer.

3)Players that always will be aiming at best reward on fight will get nothing at all.

4)The whole event is created to destroy "What's in it for me?" attitude.

Doesn't "spoilers" generally imply there is a story? 


In all seriousness though,

1) Rewards are RNG

2) What do you have to back this up. All indications so far point to "no"

4) Hardly. Players have been flocking to the best reward.

If anything, that just solidifies the "what's in it for me" attitude, just in a different way to previous events.

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I'm not sure if Blatantfool has any more information than we do. And in any case, we all know that DE's RNG isn't an even draw - there are weights put to everything. I'm sure that Gradivus had Potatoes weighted much much higher than anything else.

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