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Food for a Thoughtful Helminth?

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First off, Thank You SO much for additional things to feed Helminth!! Here are two more things I'd personally like to be able to feed mine:

  1. Kuva (Yes, I know some/many would say bugger that, but that's what would make it a cool option. Plus, I named my Helminth Carmilla for those that get the reference. ^.^ )
  2. Warframes (So we already have Subsume, what I'm thinking with this is a similar function/ability/whatever called Consume, where it gives your Helminth a portion of the food types used to subsume or grant the ability or whatever.)

Now, more options for Bile would always be nice, but really, the above two ideas, I really don't care the type of food it grants, i just think it would be nifty. Plus, feeding your Helminth something that grants multiple food types could be messy due to mechanics of the game and Helminth, so even if it only granted a single food type and couldn't be fed if it is full still think it would be slick. Same restrictions as normal of course, no Prime or Umbra.

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I think feeding Helminth Warframes would be a waste of energy. The player manufacturing the warframe probably does not actually use foundry modules, but rather gives requests to Helmith to produce the frame from blueprints, and maybe living and non-living raw materials.

If we could feed Helminth Harrow Chassises though, I am sure everyone would.

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