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Loki Helminth Bug - Can't Fire Weapons or Melee


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Yesterday, I infused Resonator onto Loki, but when I tried it out on the daily sortie I couldn't fire any weapons for most of each mission. Not just firing weapons, either. I couldn't melee or reload. This was especially frustrating when I was doing the last spy mission solo, as I couldn't shoot/melee grineer door sensors. I think the bug is caused by casting Resonator but I am not sure, all I am sure of is that it only started happening when I infused Resonator on Loki.

Edit: The bug still persists today, It was fine for the first few minutes of the mission, but then it happened again. Not able to fire, not able to melee, not able to reload.  This is really frustrating me, especially since I paid platinum to get Octavia just so I could subsume her for the Helminth. With this bug, I'm basically dead weight for my teammates save for casting my abilities, and it is taking all the fun out of Warframe. I searched around and found a few other posts that are the same or similar as what I am experiencing here:


Please Fix!

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