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Atlas : How does the rumblers' ehp scale?



From the wiki, the equations for rumblers health and armor are as follows: 
Modified Health = Health × (1 + Health Gain From Leveling + Health Mods + Shield Gain From Leveling + Shield Mods + Strength Mods)
Modified Armor = Armor × (1 + Armor Multiplier + Ability Strength) + Additional Armor

For example, my atlas has all umbral mods on it with 1.66 power strength,
my rumblers health = 1200x(1+2+7.7+2+0.66)=16032
my rumblers armor = 500x(1+1.925+0.66)=1792.5
 total ehp = 16032/[300/(300+1792.5)]=111877 

But from the armor equation, there is a strange factor called "additional armor", so i wonder if atlas rubble armor (1500 at max) also adds into rumblers. And with the helminth system, if i put wukong's defy/ valkyr's warcry/ chroma's elemental ward on atlas, does the armor increase add into rumblers as well? 

I know thats a stupid question, since the rumblers are so beefy that they won't ever die even at high level (and that's why i can't even notice any difference when i summon the rumblers with more rubble armor ). As an atlas main, I'm just curious how far their ehp can scale. 

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I was thinking about this merger but I changed my mind, for my compilation atlas does not need armor, there is time for the shield gate to stay upright

as far as i know the rubble is a bonus in the base armor similar to the arcane guardian, i don't know if this is affected by the chroma skill

I was thinking about melting the mirage's eclipse but I didn't have time to feed helmint

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