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Catchmoon for Profit Taker/Exploiter Orb?



Well, I thought farming Vox Solaris Rep would be as easy as the quills (Terry pubs), but such is not the case and I'm badly outgeared for these bosses (have Rubico but Redeemer Prime missing  Bullet Dance and my only good secondard is Kuva Brakk, no rare mods for Arch Gun). 

Thinking I should build a Catchmoon, for these fights and perhaps Demoylsts. 

Catchmoon > Haymaker > Splat standard build?

Figured I'd ask here because my last Kitgun investment turned out to be sub-optimal by simply following some online guides.

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Ever since the catchmoon nerf I didnt like it against profit taker. The low range means you have to get very close which in turn makes it fairly easy for the orb to hit you with the knockdown walls. Instead I went on to the tombfinger, which performs fine, even though you are missing the damage from the explosion part as Profit taker is immune to all radial AoEs from explosive weapons. Many people go with kuva nukor because of how many elements you can get on it.

That lets you take the zenith while still only missing one base element. So you can never have the case where you are forced to cycle a damage type with operator only to end on another damage type you dont have. Zenith's benefit is that you can shoot down the pylons from far away. 

For Melee I would recommend a zaw with exodia contagion. With that you get your IPS damage types, blast from contagion and whatever you have modded on your zaw. Redeemer is missing the IPS damage types on the shots.

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No mather what gun you try to build, if you lack the mods for it it won't perform to "standards". 

Though that catchmoon build will work assuming you are willing to invest 2-4 forma on it and have the mods for it. 


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