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[Fanfiction] The Cost Of Duty: Inspired By The Gradivus Dilemma!


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Warframe: The Cost of Duty

Inspired by the 10.50 update: "Gradivus Dilemma"


"You mean to tell me I have to choose between the lives of my brothers and sisters, and those of millions of innocent people?"




"God damn it!" I scream as I slam my fist down onto the com-table


"I understand your frustration, Tenno. Its a painful decision to make. The kind of painful decision that hurts worse than any physical trauma. But I digress: I am not going to influence you either way. Discuss this with your Clan, and tell me who you will assist on Gradivus. Time is running short, Tenno."

With that, The Lotus chimed off. Fuming, I looked at the dent in the table. I'd have to have a sentinel repair it. It's not often I feel this angry.

Sighing, I walked out of my Quarters, and into the hallways of the Dojo. My fellow Tenno looked at me in the hallways as I passed them, pleading for guidance. I chuckled at that thought; I needed guidance more than any of them. I could not lead them into something that I regret, and yet Alad V and Sargas Ruk had forced me too. Forced all of the Tenno to. We had to pick a side.


I walked towards the Gardens of Remembrance, an autumn themed room in our Dojo that was the resting place of the lost, and a place of solemn thought and meditation. I looked at the trees, eternally shedding their leaves, and the Cairns erected to those who lost their lives in the name of balance. In the center of the room, there was a statue of an ancient figure of balance. A rotund man, simply meditating.

My balance was off; I needed to regain it before anything - the war could wait. My Clan will not be misdirected by me. Kneeling down in front of the statue in the center of this zen garden, I simply relaxed my mind and thought.


If I were to side with the Corpus, they'd use my fellow Tenno in unspeakable experiments to further their knowledge and power. I knew that the experiments would be brutal and degrading, and the fruits of that particular tree would leaven the worlds of this solar system with strife.

But the Grineer would stop that. If we were to side with them, we'd be able to push Alad V into a position where we couyld corner him and find our Tenno, and liberate them. Its cost would be beyond steep though; the people of those nodes and worlds we gave to the Grineer would be inslaved and exploited. Their lives would be short, cruel ones in mines or factories.

Millions upon Millions of innocent civilans... Versus a couple hundred Tenno.


The Tenno in the cryopods would willingly give their lives for those of the innocent. I would, if it were ever necessary.... But it never seems to come close to that. Tenno are just too good at fighting. One Tenno is effectively worth hundreds of thousands of Grineer soldiers, and when a full Cell of four are together... An unstoppable force of destruction and swift death.


Would a few hundred Tenno be able to make the sacrifices of those innocents worth it? We'd be giving worlds to the Grineer, sure. But could we then, perhaps liberate them from both the Corpus and the Grineer, to a degree? Given time, perhaps.

My sense of duty ringing in my mind, like an incessant chime, insisted that we must balance the power of the Grineer against the Corpus. But my sense of Brotherhood fought that tone for all it was worth. I could not find a good decision. And my Clan is no doubt having the same problems.


My clan... my fellow Tenno. What are we without each other? What are we without brotherhood? We are so much more effective together. When we are together, worlds change.


It hit me like a train. We would rescue our Tenno, and then we would restore the balance, and serve swift justice in the name of those enslaved.

I stood up, and turned to leave the garden, to walk towards the Grand hall. My Clan was watching me. Pleading for direction. I smiled and brimmed with confidence.

"We are going to War. War with the Corpus, for our Brothers and Sisters!"

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The same could be said for the opposite. If we defeat the Grineer now we could still save our brethren in the Corpus labs. This is indeed one heck of a headache.

No, because by the time we'd save them, they'd be vivissected.


What's the more enraging in all of this?



Tennos are just that powerful. We could force both factions to weaken each other to the point we could dash in and reap EVERYTHING. All the weapons, all the tennos, all the civilians.


But Lotus forces us to choose.

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